Behind the Lens

I have been capturing big moments with a camera in my hand (and a Dunkin iced coffee in the other) since my Sophomore year of college back in 2015, although my love for taking beautiful photographs began when I was a young kid. Now, I am living my dream of capturing the sweetest and most authentically beautiful moments of my clients' lives!

When I'm not capturing memories (which is pretty rare these days!), you can usually find me watching hockey, reading a book, adventuring with my husband, or enjoying dinner dates with my best friends.

Melissa Lucas

nice to meet you, I'm 

I started photography because making others happy makes ME happy. I love helping people see how beautiful they really are through the eyes of others. We are all so in our heads about how we look in the mirror, that we don’t see the true beauty in our lives - my job is to show you how beautiful you look when you laugh, how much your partner’s eyes light up when they look at you, how proud your parents are when they watch your first dance, and how much your children love their parents.

Unveiling the radiance within you...

You're In Good Hands

Above all else, I value honesty. I may over-deliver, but I will always be honest about my capabilities. I also make sure to maintain as much communication as possible so you feel comfortable knowing that your precious memories are in my caring hands. My favorite of my values is my genuine love for my clients and being a part of their lives! I am naturally an open book, and I feel that that quality is what helps my clients to feel so comfortable with me in any scenario.

my promise to you

Life goes by in the blink of an eye. There are so many moments that come and go, and before we know it, the moment has passed and we feel like it’s lost.

Booking me to photograph your wedding or event means that those moments get captured for you - all of the beautiful little moments of your wedding day, the adventures with your kids before they grow bigger, the memories made with a loved one who has passed on. I seek out these moments FOR you so you can enjoy them while they’re happening - and I freeze them into photographs for you to look back on whenever you want or need them.

Hold onto those precious, fleeting moments

Maybe You Can Relate?

Fav Karaoke Song

Anything Shania Twain! (No really, even less popular songs - I know EVERY word!)

Starbucks order

Venti Iced caramel macchiato with allll the caramel drizzle!

fav snacks

Ice cold cucumbers & ranch or prosciutto all on it's own!

staple tv shows

Schitts Creek (my favorite), One Tree Hill, Firefly Lane, and The Office.

It wasn’t a hassle to work with her like past photographers. Simple and straight to the point with a dash of making you feel great with every interaction.

Kyara I.

Melissa is super friendly, caring, loving, and really puts all of that into her work.

She was absolutely amazing to work from start to finish. Great communication the entire time, very helpful and very good under pressure.

Gigi R

Melissa is amazing! When I got engaged I knew immediately who I was going to call for our photos!

Getting our pictures back definitely solidified that we chose the right person to document the most special day of our lives. I could go on and on about our amazing experience with her!

alyssa P.

She has such an amazing personality and made me feel so comfortable and confident

Let's Turn Those Moments into Memories!